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We specialize in providing professional, certified polygraph examinations and Lie Detector tests utilizing the latest equipment and most current software with techniques approved by the American Polygraph Association to the citizens of Utah.

Our Polygraph Services Are Tailored To Your Own Unique Needs - Always Private and Confidential.

See below for an example of some of the likely people who utilize our services. 
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Polygraph Examinations for Private Clients
We are proud to offer the following Polygraph and Lie Detector Testing for our Private Clients who are based in Utah:

·       Family/Custody Concerns
·       Criminal Matters
·       Sexual Addiction Testing
·       Immigration
·       Civil and Court Ordered
·       Private Business / Employees

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 Polygraph Examinations for Attorneys and their Clients
Polygraph Examination for Utah based Attorneys and their Clients

We can assist our Private Attorney Clients in providing the best legal services for your client:

·       Criminal Defense Matters
·       Family Cases
·       Witness Vetting
·       Non-Criminal Matters
·       Custody Cases
·       Trial Preparation

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 Polygraph Examinations for Law Enforcement
We are  proud to offer the following Lie Detector testing for all Utah Law Enforcement Agencies:

·       Pre-Employment and Criminal Investigations
·       Investigative Polygraph Testing

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   ​​Polygraph Examinations for Employers​​
  Pre-Employment Examinations

Prior to 1988, many businesses required their prospective employees to take and pass a polygraph test. Since the passing of the EPPA, only the following private businesses are permitted to request pre-employment polygraph exams.

·       Security Companies
·       Pharmaceutical Company Employees

For more information on the EPPA please see the link below:

US Department of Labor EPPA 1988

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Relationship Polygraph Examinations
Do you suspect your significant other of issues of infidelity and you need to find the truth?  

Are you being accused of an act you did not commit?       Do you need to find out the truth?

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